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结构︰…as+形容词/副词/名词+as one can 此句型意为“尽可能…”。“as …… as one can”相当于“as …… aspossible”。one 要随的人称而变化,而 can 要随变化。 例句: To speakEnglish fluently, you had better read as many English articles as you...

应该是(they) could be 如用it,不知道是他们站的轻松自然,也不知道是谈话的内容轻松自然


as+adj/adv+as+one can,意思是“尽可能”.如: as hard as you can尽可能努力

He is as tall as Tom。 表示和,,,一样,原级比较,中间用形容词或副词的原级 He runs away as quickly as he can. 表示尽可能地,,,,

I'm happy as can be 我很高兴可以 She's as happy as she can be, at the moment. 在此刻,她能有多快乐就有多快乐.

as … as sb. could是as …as sb. can 的过去式,翻译为:“尽可能……”相当于“as…as possible” 用法: as+adj./adv.原级+as sb. can(could)(+动词原形) 例句: I can run as fast as I can. 我能跑得尽可能地快。 =I can run as fast as possible.

as can (could) be 是非常,极其的意思 i am happy as can be 意思是“我非常高兴”

AS-long-as-you-can 只要你能 例句 1.As long as I deliver the goods, my boss is very happy. 只要我做好本职工作,我的老板就很高兴。 2.Anyone can be an astrologer as long as they are mathematically minded. 任何善于运算的人都可以成...

可以被归类为 1,be pigeonholed as 我不想被归类为儿童节目主持人。 I don't want to be pigeonholed as a kids 'present. 2,be labeled as 他从高中就被归类为坏男孩。 he was labeled as a “ bad boy ” ever since high school. 3,be categ...

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